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Manufactured with Precision

Our Frames are made with CNC Milling and injection technologies

Our Milled collection is brought to life with the use of the state of the art CNC machinery – see it in action!
Our Injected line is produced with modern, high quality injection machines. 

Our history

Our Mission, Values and years of experience


We are a Polish family company that has been

perfecting the craft of eyewear design and production

for over 37 years.

It is in Wroclaw where we come up with our original designs and color combinations and where they are being made by our great staff. We put over 37 years of our expertise to make sure our products are not only high-quality but also a pleasure to wear.

We stand out because:

100% of our products are made in Poland •
elegwe offer high quality, fashionable products primarily made of European raw materials •
•our well-established position on the market makes us a reliable business partner
•we offer outstanding customer service

Milled frames

The uniqueness of our frames is achieved by combination of long years of experience with a a newly updated machine park.
For our fronts use a dedicated, state of the art 5-axis CNC milling center. Our temples are produced with a specialized 3-axis automated device. Highest quality finished is achieved with the use of propitiatoryItalian polishing and shining system.

We believe that full control over the production process combined with best quality components are the best guarantee of excellent products.

Injected frames

We are very proud of the frames we create. We believe that our unique system of hand-painting developed over the years make all of our frames unique.
Color effects and layered compositions combined with cellulose acetate produced by the world-renown Mazzuccelli company constitute a truly price worthy, great product.

The fact that all of our products are produced domestically ensures a greta product availability, short delivery times and outstanding customer service.

We put a great emphasis on classic elegance, comfort of use, great quality and uniqueness.